Affordable, Agile Technology Solutions

Partnering with clients to enable your business through technology.

Bringing Enterprise Experience to Small Business

We bring enterprise business and technology expertise to small- and medium-sized organizations. Our dedication to our mission is so definite that we believe we can work with you to find a path forward that works within your budget. We believe in empowering your business, offering the experience you deserve to achieve your full digital potential.

Through partnering with our clients, we provide unbiased and practical technology plans that are integrated and objective driven. We tailor our process and jointly work towards intelligent solutions, specifically fit for your business.

Augmenting your business with cost-effective technology solutions empowers owners and operators to make intelligent business decisions. With Mosaic, you can feel comfortable that you’ve engaged an organization that understands the unique needs of your business.

Mosaic is dedicated to applying practical technology to drive value in your business. Through our agile approach to consulting, you can feel confident that we will deliver the solutions you need, when you need them.

Experience Mosaic

We provide clients with…

  • A clearer view of a digital future
  • Solutions that enable rather than hinder
  • A digital roadmap based on business goals
  • Breadth and depth of experience

Creating plans that…

  • Are directly aligned with your business objectives
  • Are built in collaboration with your business
  • Are staged so that progress is measured at key checkpoints and risk is reduced

Our clients enjoy…

  • Broad understanding of technology
  • Proven, flexible approach to planning and execution
  • Industry expertise
  • Outcomes aligned with business goals

Get a Free Digital Business Starter Consultation

Need Help Finding the Path?

Are you struggling to understand how technology can advance your business? Do you know that technology can help but don’t know where to start? Are you based in Calgary or the surrounding area?

In our mission to help small- and medium-sized businesses advance in the digital era, we are offering a free Digital Business consultation to organizations looking to take that next step. The first step is to tell us a bit about your business, your goals and your technology challenges.

Tell Us about Your Business

Go to our Free Starter page and fill out the form. Once we have had a chance to review your submission, we will be in touch to set up an initial meeting to discuss how we can work together to find your digital path.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated and professional team of consultants. Together we have built an organization focused on the needs of our clients. We improve the core value you deliver to your customers with digital solutions that reduce cost, connect with the market and grow your business.

Chris Enstrom, MBA

Managing Partner
With broad cross-industry experience with organizations of all types and sizes, Chris offers a unique perspective on a variety of strategic, organizational and technology issues. A systems thinker by nature, Chris offers clients an unobstructed wide-angle lens to tactical and strategic opportunities and offers value in delivering a specific and measurable roadmap.

Craig Danserau

Partner & Senior Consultant
A Senior Leader with over 15 years experience in the Energy Industry, Craig demonstrates strong leadership and team-building skills. Keenly aware of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, Craig focuses on delivering exceptional client service through a highly organized and collaborative leadership style. An expert in navigating oil & gas regulations including Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, Craig has demonstrated value across client organizations of all sizes.

Andi Gabb

Senior Consultant
Andi’s strengths include leadership, presentation, facilitation and strategic thinking with our clients. Andi has accumulated a broad, international knowledge base with work for clients in retail, oil & gas, insurance, hospitality and telecommunications industries worldwide.

Danielle Dansereau, PMP

Senior Consultant
Danielle is a Senior Management Consultant with 16 years of hands on operational and consulting experience focusing on Program and Project Management across various industries. Danielle’s strength in leadership and communications along with her in-depth experience in leading and managing technology projects bring a calm, structured approach to the team.

Corey Wood, M.Sc

Senior Consultant
Corey’s goal is to contribute effectively to innovative and forward-thinking companies placing emphasis on environmental protection, sustainability and responsible operation by offering cutting-edge knowledge and viable solutions relevant to managerial, regulatory, scientific and technological issues.