Chief Technology Officer

Unlock the full potential of your business with Mosaic on your team.

Technology Leadership for Small Business

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We understand the competitive nature of being in business. We partner with our clients to deliver on our promise to be your trusted technology advisor. Our Chief Technology Officer service is structured as an ongoing, fixed price service focused on what is best for you and your business. Engaging with a Mosaic Chief Technology Officer delivers:

  • A trusted advisor with breadth of experience in delivering technology solutions
  • A definitive plan to achieve your technology goals
  • An agile and affordable approach to technology leadership that suits your unique needs

At the heart of being a Chief Technologist is clearly defining objectives, building out a tactical plan to achieve those objectives and executing the plan – holding ourselves accountable to timelines and results.

As your Chief Technologist, we partner with you to accelerate your business with the right technology. Building a foundation of trust and transparency allows us to develop your IT roadmap focused in the areas you need it most. Aligning technology solutions with your business operations ensures we deliver the utmost value to your business.

Why do I need a Chief Technology Officer?

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Finding the right path on your digital journey is challenging. Having a trusted partner, like Mosaic, accelerates the time to achieve your technological goals. Your business needs an unbiased voice, capable of assessing potential solutions, evaluating vendor options with the expertise to align recommendations and decisions with your business objectives.

As you increase your reliance on technology, having a Chief Technology Officer provides peace of mind by:

  • Always ensuring technology options align with the overall roadmap and business goals
  • Evaluating vendor options and consistently measuring vendor performance
  • Providing oversight and management of your technology ecosystem
  • Evolving your technology roadmap, making sure it is on track and up to date with relevant options and solutions.

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