Initiate Success | Structure to Achieve | Deliver Always

Mosaic is a dynamic and responsive consulting firm delivering solutions in Energy Regulatory Compliance, Technology Optimization & Project Excellence. We specialize in delivering adaptable and flexible solutions with clients looking to achieve a definitive edge over their competitors.

From Finish to Start

By basing engagements on the outcomes that you want, our efforts are focused on those things that produce measurable results and sustained value for your business.

Experience that Matters to You!

If you are looking for a pre-packaged solution, you’re in the wrong place. The breadth of experience our consultants bring, coupled with our flexibility and proven approach ensures that you get the results you need – on time and within budget.

Designed for Your Business

Our approach to addressing your issues and opportunities provides you with the right blend of flexibility and structure, to get the job done right within the budget you set.

Inactive Wells

We deliver a cost-effective and manageable solution to address your ongoing compliance needs.

Standards & Procedures

Excelling in these two key areas will reduce your down time and compliance events while increasing profits.

Environmental Reporting

We partner with you to provide continuous improvement and coaching of relevant staff functions.

Business Software

Leveraging our experience in an enterprise setting, we led the client through a structured approach to defining their underlying needs and objectives

Business-IT Alignment

Emerging markets and stagnant growth provided the opportunity to build a new and improved sales and marketing approach.

Digital Experience

Our client, a market leader in oilfield waste services, was experiencing stiff competition, shrinking margins and most importantly a perception that they were difficult to do business with.